Hi, I'm Olly

I'm a front-end developer based in London. I can build accessible, beautiful user experiences for the web. If you want to discuss a project, get in touch below.

🚨 Due to the Coronavirus crisis I am available for freelance projects. Get in touch if you want to build something cool. 🚨

Commercial Projects

SuperHi Projects

I built these sites during courses created by SuperHi, an online creative and technology education startup. They represent some of the skills I have developed and technologies I’m interested in.

About Me

Who am I?

My name is Olly Robinson, and I’m a Front-end Developer based in London. I have worked in Front-end development for just over a year now, but I don’t come from a computing or even a STEM background. I studied English Literature at university and taught myself to code with a little help from SuperHi.

Why Front-end?

Growing up, the web could be quite ugly. The 00’s saw massive growth in internet-based entertainment and the birth of social networking but pages were cluttered, text was small, forms were innavigable and the dominance of skeuomorphism made interfaces feel heavy and exhausting to operate. With that in mind, I am drawn to front-end development as a means to build a clear, well-designed web that makes services accessible for a heteronomous cohort of users.

Who am I inspired by?

I have recently become interested in the intersection of user experience and web accessibility. Smashing Magazine’s recent focus on accessible forms has been a regular source of inspiration on how to tackle a notoriously difficult area of front-end development. I’m also intrigued by Andy Bell and Heydon Pickering’s programmatic (and opinionated) approach in their book Every Layout and have been attempting to implement some of these snippets in my own work.

What can I do for you?

I can build performant, maintainable user interfaces, I can troubleshoot and solve bugs in existing sites, I can bring an ambitious, forward-thinking attitude to your development process, but most importantly I can evangelise about public transport.

Core Languages



JavaScript ES6




BEM Method




Agile working





I'm currently learning...

🎨 How to render 2D graphics in the browser using P5.js.

💎 The basics of Ruby on Rails.

✏️ Branding, UX and UI design via the SuperHi Visual Design and Branding course.

🛍️ How to create modern e-commerce sites using the Shopify platform.